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Lapis Lazuli Dark Pigment

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Lapis Lazuli is a natural mineral pigment, mined in Afghanistan and South America. Different shades of Lapis Lazuli are determined by the intensity of colour of the lazurite vein; we offer the pigment in light and dark. For many centuries it was the most reliable blue pigment available, and became particularly significant during the Medieval and Renaissance periods, when its inclusion in a work of art denoted the wealth and status of the patron, or the holiness of a painting's subject. In commercial paint production it has largely been replaced by the more affordable Ultramarine Blue, although it still has a place on modern palettes due to its unique soft violet tone. It is a transparant pigment, with a low tinting strength.

Larger quantities are available by request.

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  • Lapis Lazuli Dark Pigment

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LC20001C Pigment Early Colour 10 grams Lapis Lazuli Genuine Dark
LC20002E Pigment Early Colour 50 grams Lapis Lazuli Genuine Dark
LC20003F Pigment Early Colour 100 grams Lapis Lazuli Genuine Dark


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