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  1. Charbonnel Blacks

    Charbonnel Blacks

    Starting at: £13.10

    Charbonnel Blacks Learn More
  2. Charbonnel Yellows

    Charbonnel Yellows

    Starting at: £13.10

    Charbonnel Yellows Learn More
  3. Charbonnel Reds

    Charbonnel Reds

    Starting at: £13.10

    Charbonnel Reds Learn More
  4. Charbonnel Blues

    Charbonnel Blues

    Starting at: £14.60

    Charbonnel Blues Learn More
  5. Charbonnel Greens

    Charbonnel Greens

    Starting at: £17.90

    Charbonnel Greens Learn More
  6. Charbonnel Earths

    Charbonnel Earths

    Starting at: £13.10

    Charbonnel Earths Learn More
  7. Charbonnel Whites

    Charbonnel Whites

    Starting at: £14.60

    Charbonnel Whites Learn More
  8. Charbonnel Lamour Soft Ground

    Charbonnel Lamour Soft Ground

    Regular Price: £21.10

    Special Price £18.00

    It dries slowly and remains supple for a long time. Applied hot. It can be used for soft ground techniques. Best applied with Leather Roller on hot plate. Learn More
  9. Charbonnel Lamour Black Satin

    Charbonnel Lamour Black Satin

    Starting at: £10.80

    Bitumen, turpentine, quick drying petroleum, wax. Hard etching ground. Allows long etching time with no risk of scaling. Learn More
  10. Charbonnel Transparent Ground

    Charbonnel Transparent Ground


    Beeswax, pitch resin, turpentine. Retouching ground. Apply cold. Slow drying, lets previous etching show through. Learn More
  11. Charbonnel Liquid Siccative Varnish 75 ml

    Charbonnel Liquid Siccative Varnish 75 ml


    Charbonnel Etching Ground 75 ml Liquid Siccative Varnish. Beeswax, bitumen, ketone thinner. Liquid retouching ground which should be applied cold. Hard, with satin opaque finish. Learn More
  12. Charbonnel Ultraflex Liquid Ground

    Charbonnel Ultraflex Liquid Ground

    Starting at: £13.10

    Judea bitumen, essence of turpentine, wax. Quick drying with transparent velvety finish. Apply cold with a supple brush. Learn More
  13. Charbonnel Tusche Stick

    Charbonnel Tusche Stick


    100 x 22 x 6mm Learn More
  14. Charbonnel Litho Crayons

    Charbonnel Litho Crayons

    Starting at: £17.60

    Charbonnel Litho Crayons Learn More
  15. Charbonnel Oil Gold Size 12 hour

    Charbonnel Oil Gold Size 12 hour

    Starting at: £11.60

    High quality oil based gold size. Well known for it's predictability and length of it's open period. Tacky in 12 hours, remains open for 20 hours. Learn More

15 Item(s)

per page

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