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  1. Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart

    Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart


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    Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart. 85 pigment samples displayed in a 6 page 300 gsm A4 booklet, including 'permanence' and 'colour index' references. Colour swatches have been made using a casein binder. Learn More
  2. Cornelissen Glass Mullers.

    Cornelissen Glass Mullers

    Starting at: £24.50

    Cornelissen Glass Mullers are handmade using superior boro silicate laboratory glass; 40% harder, more heat resistant and offers better clarity than soda-lime glass. The base of each muller is ground perfectly flat, and sand-blasted to create a fine tooth surface to facilitate the grinding of pigments. The elegant tall handle features an ergonomically shaped top, to ease fatigue when grinding large amounts of pigment. Learn More
  3. Mixing Slab

    Mixing Slab

    Starting at: £19.95

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    Mixing Slab Learn More
  4. Glass Pestles and Mortars

    Glass Pestles and Mortars

    Starting at: £36.50

    Glass Pestles and Mortars 100 or 150 mm diameter. Learn More
  5. Ceramic Pestles and Mortars

    Ceramic Pestles and Mortars

    Starting at: £30.00

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    Ceramic Pestles and Mortars Learn More
  6. Agate Pestles and Mortars

    Agate Pestles and Mortars

    Starting at: £50.00

    Agate pestle and mortars are used by laboratories and artists requiring a harder material than porcelain in order to minimise the risk of contamination. *PLEASE ALLOW UP TO A FEW WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OF THIS ITEM* (telephone us for more information) Learn More
  7. Syringe


    Starting at: £1.20

    Syringe Learn More
  8. Glass Dropper

    Glass Dropper

    Starting at: £1.40

    Glass Dropper Learn More
  9. Dropping Bottle

    Dropping Bottle

    Starting at: £5.80

    Dropping Bottle Learn More
  10. Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    Starting at: £0.35

    Disposable Vinyl Gloves Learn More

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