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Drawing Accessories

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  1. Classic Blotter

    Classic Blotter

    Starting at: £22.90

    Classic Blotter made from beechwood. Blotting paper backing supplied. Rechargeable. Available in Natural Beechwood or Walnut stained finish. Learn More
  2. Wooden Artist's Bridge

    Wooden Artist's Bridge


    Call to Order

    Sturdy wooden bridge for resting your hand on as you work, allows you to add detail to drawings, paintings and gilding without smearing or smudging your work. The bridges are made from various types of wood, depending on availability. Learn More
  3. ArtGraf Graphite Powder

    ArtGraf Graphite Powder

    Starting at: £8.60

    Water-soluble graphite powder. Learn More
  4. Schmincke Aerosol B72 300ml

    Schmincke Aerosol B72 300ml


    Performs in a similar protective way as Lascaux Fixative. Non yellowing, crystal clear and age-resistant. Suitable as a fixative and protection for pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolours, gouache, inks, metal leaf, photos and prints. Can also be used as a final varnish for oil and acrylic colours. Invisible on absorbent surfaces and semi matt very slightly glossy on non absorbent surfaces. Learn More
  5. Elliptiscope



    A simple visual aid for drawing ellipses in parallel perspective. Learn More
  6. Alder Ruler

    Alder Ruler

    Starting at: £4.50

    Classic 1960's design. Made from solid alder. 15cm. Available in natural waxed or black stained alder. Learn More
  7. Perspectoscope



    A simple drawing aid to help the artist create perspective within their work. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Learn More
  8. Selectatone



    A simple drawing aid for viewing tonal values. Enables artist to easily determine light, dark and mid tones. Learn More
  9. Plywood Drawing Boards

    Plywood Drawing Boards

    Starting at: £18.25

    Plywood Drawing Boards Learn More
  10. MDF Drawing Boards

    MDF Drawing Boards

    Starting at: £13.65

    MDF Drawing Boards Learn More
  11. Drawing Board Clips

    Drawing Board Clips

    Starting at: £0.75

    Drawing Board Clips Learn More
  12. Pounce Wheels

    Pounce Wheels

    Starting at: £9.55

    Transfers designs to flat or uneven surfaces. TPI - Teeth per inch. Learn More
  13. Ecobra 61560 Divider

    Ecobra 61560 Divider


    Ecobra 61560 Divider Learn More
  14. Ecobra Ruling Pen 5157

    Ecobra Ruling Pen 5157


    Ecobra Ruling Pen 5157 Learn More
  15. Higgins Pen Cleaning Fluid

    Higgins Pen Cleaning Fluid


    Call to Order

    Higgins Pen Cleaning Fluid 73ml. Immerse nibs in solution to remove dried indian ink. Learn More
  16. Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Starting at: £2.00

    Masking Tape Learn More
  17. Acrylic Ruler

    Acrylic Ruler


    Acrylic Ruler 30 cm 12 in Learn More
  18. Rabone Precision Steel Ruler

    Rabone Precision Steel Ruler

    Starting at: £12.80

    Metric graduations conform to BS 4372 accuracy requirements. Antiglare satin chrome with etched figures and graduations. Learn More
  19. Zig Two-Way Glue

    Zig Two-Way Glue

    Starting at: £2.81

    Dual action acrylic glue pen for permanent or temporay bonding. Acid and xylene free. Learn More
  20. Zest-It Pencil Blend

    Zest-It Pencil Blend

    Starting at: £5.60

    Zest-It Pencil Blend Learn More
  21. Sealing Wax Mura

    Sealing Wax Mura

    Starting at: £2.25

    Taper/wick throughout length. Well suited to craft purposes. Assorted colours including Red, Gold, Silver and Blue. Learn More
  22. Bone Folder

    Bone Folder


    Bone Folder Plastic Learn More

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