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Factis Erasers

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Factis erasers are safe, harmless and non-toxic. They do not contain phthalates (which are used as plasticizers in certain industrial processes), heavy metals or aromatic additives.
Factis Soft Rub Eraser

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  • Factis Cleaning Cushion
  • Factis Synthetic XL Eraser
  • Factis Synthetic Triangular Eraser
  • Factis Synthetic Oval Eraser
  • Factis Kneadable Eraser
  • Factis Abrasive Ink & Ball Point Eraser8
  • Factis Ink & Pencil Eraser
  • Factis Plastic Eraser
  • Factis Softer Eraser

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SKU Product Name Price Qty
FTBMF10315 Factis Eraser Soft Rub (Gum)
FTSMFCC120 Factis Cleaning Cushion
FTCMF06R Factis Eraser Synthetic XL
FTPMFTRI24 Factis Eraser Synthetic Tri-24
FTCMFOV12 Factis Eraser Synthetic OV 12
FTCCFK20 Factis Eraser Kneadable
FTCCFINK30 Factis Eraser Rubber Abrasive Ink & Ball Point
FTCCFIM30BG Factis Eraser Rubber Ink & Pencil Medium
FTCCF24DF Factis Eraser Rubber Ink & Pencil Large
FTCPFP24 Factis Eraser Plastic P24
FTCMFS20 Factis Eraser Cleaner Synthetic XSoft Banded 56x24x14mm