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Gum Damar

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Damar is a pale, almost colourless tree resin, which is soluble in turpentine, but not in alcohol or mineral spirits. It can be used as a varnish or as a glossy painting medium in conjunction with vegetable oils, and is generally preferable to other resin-based varnishes, such as mastic varnish, as it retains its colourless appearance for a longer period of time. In encaustic painting, the inclusion of damar resin imparts toughness and gloss to the paint surface.

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  • Gum Damar

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LC24164H Gum Damar 250 grams
LC24165J Gum Damar 500 grams
LC24166K Gum Damar 1 Kilo
LC24167L Gum Damar 2.5 Kilo
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