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Japanese Gold & Precious Metal Powder 1g

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Premium quality, extra fine genuine gold precious metal powders handcrafted in Japan by experienced craftsmen, all 1 gram in weight. By crushing gold leaves finely and mixing them with melted glue, a paste is obtained, broken into pieces and transformed into powder, called « Kindei » Gold Powder.
First, the 0,2 micron gold leaves are crushed into 3 microns pieces. Afterwards, the glue is washed out with water and dried. The powder obtained is as smooth and fine as flour.


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  • Japanese Gold & Precious Metal Powder 1g
  • 24ct
  • 23,44ct Premium
  • 23,44ct
  • 23ct
  • 22,66ct
  • 18,12ct
  • 14,3ct
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Copper

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Product Image SKU Product Name Price Qty
HORGP24 Japanese Gold Powder 24 Carat
HORGP2344P Japanese Gold Powder 23,44 Carat Premium
HORGP2344 Japanese Gold Powder 23,44 Carat
HORGP23 Japanese Gold Powder 23 Carat
HORGP2266 Japanese Gold Powder 22,66 Carat
HORGP1812 Japanese Gold Powder 18,12 Carat
HORGP143 Japanese Gold Powder 14,3 Carat
HORGPPL Japanese Platinum Powder
HORGPSIL Japanese Silver Powder
HORGPCO Japanese Copper Powder

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