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Pastel Primer & Fixatives

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  1. Schmincke Fixatives

    Schmincke Fixatives

    Starting at: £15.20

    Schmincke Fixatives. Unable to send overseas. Learn More
  2. Schmincke Pastel Primer

    Schmincke Pastel Primer

    Starting at: £19.95

    Schmincke Pastel Primer Learn More
  3. Lascaux Fixative

    Lascaux Fixative

    Starting at: £17.90

    Clear, lightfast with excellent ageing properties. Can also be used as picture varnish and protective lacquer for gilded surfaces. Unable to send overseas. Learn More
  4. Winsor & Newton Pastel Fixative

    Winsor & Newton Pastel Fixative

    Starting at: £8.65

    Vinyl resin/methylated spirit. Water white quick drying liquid which protects pictures from smudging and dirt accumulation. Dries to a low sheen. Fixes pastel, pencil and chalk drawings. Learn More
  5. Maimeri Fixative Varnish

    Maimeri Fixative Varnish

    Starting at: £13.45

    Non-yellowing synthetic resin dissolved in ethyl alcohol. 609 is for use on charcoal, pencil, pastel, watercolour and gouache, 675 is for universal use. Use sparingly to fix and protect your pieces. Learn More
  6. Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixatives

    Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixatives

    Starting at: £16.50

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    Clear vinylic - resin and alcohol based fixative. Creates a totally clear silk film. Learn More
  7. Sennelier Soft Pastel Fixatives

    Sennelier Soft Pastel Fixatives

    Starting at: £16.50

    Clear resin and alcohol based fixative. Transparent matt film. Learn More
  8. Spectrafix 360ml

    Spectrafix 360ml


    Call to Order

    Spectrafix 360ml. A natural non-toxic milk casein fixative based on an antique recipe used by Degas himself. This is the perfect fixative for pastel, charcoal, gouache and watercolour. Its workable matt finish allows deep layering with minimal colour shift. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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