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Artists Quality Pigment Sets

Note on making oil colours: Every pigment requires a different volume of oil to bring it to the desired consistency. This varies enormously, so a pigment like Alizarin, for instance, requires almost twice as much oil by volume as White Lead. In practice, it is advisable to avoid fast-drying colours that require a large amount of oil, such as Umbers, Siennas and Cobalt Blues, in underpainting, unless they are applied thinly or in tints reduced with white.

Toxicity Ratings:
The Classifications used are based on those intended for guidance of artists’ colour manufacturers where large quantities might be involved along with sustained, frequent use. We recommend that necessary safety precautions should be followed for best studio practice. Wear a dust mask and work in a well-ventilated space to avoid breathing in the dust. Do not eat, drink or touch your eyes while handling these products, and make sure that your work area is easy to clean at the end of the day. 


A - Non-hazardous.
B - Relatively harmless.
C - Very low toxic hazard – some precaution necessary.
D - Defined physiological hazard – appropriate precautions necessary.

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  1. Pigment Set of 30 Colours

    Pigment Set of 30 Colours


    The perfect introduction to working with pigment, this selection of thirty pigments provides a wide range of colours for the production of paint. Each colour is supplied in a 15ml plastic jar, and the set includes both natural and synthetic colours. Recipes can be found on our homepage, with instructions for making different paints, including watercolour, egg tempera and oil paint. Learn More

  2. Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart

    Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart


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    Cornelissen Pigment Colour Chart. 85 pigment samples displayed in a 6 page 300 gsm A4 booklet, including 'permanence' and 'colour index' references. Colour swatches have been made using a casein binder. Learn More

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