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Ivory Black Pigment

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Ivory Black is a natural pigment of impure carbon, derived from charred animal bones. It is semi-transparent, very lightfast, and offers good tinting strength. It is a particularly slow-drying pigment, which forms a soft, rather brittle paint film in oil.

Compared to other blacks, such as Vine Black, Ivory Black possesses warmer, brownish undertones. It should not be used at full-strength in an underpainting, as subsequent layers are likely to crack. Otherwise, it is a very useful all-purpose black for many types of paint, excluding mortar, fresco or cement.

Toxicity: B

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LC17021C Pigment 15 ml Ivory Black (11g)
LC17023F Pigment 100 grams Ivory Black
LC17024H Pigment 250 grams Ivory Black
LC17025J Pigment 500 grams Ivory Black
LC17026K Pigment 1 Kilo Ivory Black


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