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Burnt Umber Pigment

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Burnt Umber is a natural earth pigment from Italy, composed of iron oxide, manganese, and aluminium silicate. It is a form of Raw Umber that a has undergone a process of calcination, becoming warmer, more transparent and easier to disperse. It has a good tinting strength, and is very lightfast, quick-drying, and stable in all media. In oils it forms a hard, fairly flexible paint film, though it may be difficult to use in acrylic mediums.

Toxicity: B


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SKU Product Name Price Qty
LC16131C Pigment 15 ml Burnt Umber (9g)
LC16133F Pigment 100 grams Burnt Umber
LC16134H Pigment 250 grams Burnt Umber
LC16135J Pigment 500 grams Burnt Umber
LC16136K Pigment 1 Kilo Burnt Umber


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