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Alizarin Crimson Pigment

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Alizarin Crimson is a synthetic organic pigment that became available in 1868. It requires a wetting agent to disperse, and in oil it also absorbs a lot of liquid and dries very slowly to form a hard, brittle paint film. It is chemically identical to madder-root pigments and should be protected against UV light where possible as it can fade when applied onto a white ground, although it is less fugitive than its natural counterpart. Alizarin Crimson is a very transparent pigment, with a high tinting strength and slightly blue undertone.  

Toxicity: A/B

Larger quantities are available by request. 


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  • Alizarin Crimson Pigment

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LC12001C Pigment 15 ml Alizarin Crimson (5g)
LC12002E Pigment 50 grams Alizarin Crimson
LC12003F Pigment 100 grams Alizarin Crimson
LC12004H Pigment 250 grams Alizarin Crimson
LC12005J Pigment 500 grams Alizarin Crimson
LC12006K Pigment 1 Kilo Alizarin Crimson


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