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Lead Red Pigment (Minium)

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Lead Red is an early articficial pigment that dates back to antiquity. It is created by heating Lead White or Litharge at a constant temperature of 480ºC over a prolonged period of time. It is a fast-drying colour, with good tinting strength and opacity, and has been widely used as an underpaint for gilding and in industry. However, it is highly toxic and generally unstable, so has fallen out of use in favour of Cadmium pigments. The acid in linseed oil causes Lead Red to darken, and it can solidify when stored in a tube. In water-based mediums, it can turn black.

Toxicity: D 

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  • Lead Red Pigment (Minium)

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LC12051C Pigment 15 ml Lead Red (43g)
LC12053F Pigment 100 grams Lead Red
LC12054H Pigment 250 grams Lead Red
LC12055J Pigment 500 grams Lead Red


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