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Lead Red Pigment (Minium)

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Lead Red Pigment (PR105). Inorganic pigment. Red Tetroxide of Lead made by heating either Lead White or Litharge pigment Opaque. Good tinting strength. Moderately durable Lightfastness, darkens in oil. Fast drying rate. Not very stable in any media, particularly water-based binders.Used as a red pigment since ancient Rome, where it was prepared by calcination of white lead. Toxicity D.

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  • Lead Red Pigment (Minium)

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LC12051C Pigment 15 ml Lead Red (43 grams)
LC12053F Pigment 100 grams Lead Red
LC12054H Pigment 250 grams Lead Red
LC12055J Pigment 500 grams Lead Red


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