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Chalk Fillers and Abrasives

A range of raw materials sold by weight.

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  1. Alumina Hydrate Light

    Alumina Hydrate Light

    Starting at: £8.30

    A light powder, which can be ground in oils and becomes almost colourless and transparent. It is an extender and has high absorbent characteristics. Provides brushing consistency and stability in tube colours. When combined with linseed oil produces an almost transparent painting medium which ma be used to extend oil colours. Will not incease gloss. Learn More
  2. Fumed Silica

    Fumed Silica

    Starting at: £13.60

    An inert substance with coarse texture and no colouring capability. Use in grounds and to provide tooth to mixed paints. Also used as an adulterant. Can be used for thickening acrylic and oil mediums. Learn More
  3. Plaster of Paris

    Plaster of Paris

    Starting at: £5.00

    For moulding when mixed with the same volume of water. Sets quickly and will not shrink. Learn More
  4. Gypsum


    Starting at: £5.70

    An inert substance used as an adulterant and can be used as a painting ground. Will create tooth an absorbency when added to acrylic primer. Learn More
  5. Marble Dust

    Marble Dust

    Starting at: £4.70

    Imparts textue when added to acrylic mediums and primers. Used in lime mortar. Meets paint pigment specificitions in its fine form. Mesh size: Course (Irregular granules), Medium (16) and Fine (100). Learn More
  6. Pumice Powder

    Pumice Powder

    Starting at: £5.70

    Volcanic rock in powdered form. Used to provide tooth to grounds. Learn More
  7. Whiting


    Starting at: £3.80

    Refinded bulky pigment for use as an extender or adulterant. Used for making gesso when combined with rabbit skin glue. Learn More
  8. Fullers Earth

    Fullers Earth

    Starting at: £6.30

    Fullers Earth Learn More
  9. Gesso di Bologna

    Gesso di Bologna

    Starting at: £8.10

    Gesso di Bologna Learn More
  10. French Chalk

    French Chalk

    Starting at: £5.50

    French Chalk is the name use in the UK and USA for talcum powder. It is used as a filler and for its slippery and soapy effects. A constituent component of pastels. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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