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Gum Arabic

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Gum Arabic is a resoluble binding agent, commonly used in the preparation of watercolours, but also useful as an adhesive, a size, and in the production of soft pastels. It is a natural product, harvested from the Acacia tree between October and May. The highest grade of Gum Arabic comes from the Kordofan region of Sudan. It is exceptionally pale and pure and therefore particularly suited to watercolour painting, while Nigerian Gum Arabic (while stocks last) is better suited to stone lithography and other printmaking techniques.

Please see the Formulas & Recipes section on our homepage for a recipe to make your own watercolour paints using Gum Arabic (currently under construction).

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LC24113F Gum Arabic Kordofan 100 grams
LC24114H Gum Arabic Kordofan 250 grams
LC24115J Gum Arabic Kordofan 500 grams
LC24116K Gum Arabic Kordofan 1 Kilo
LC24123F Gum Arabic Nigerian 100 grams
LC24124H Gum Arabic Nigerian 250 grams
LC24125J Gum Arabic Nigerian 500 grams
LC24126K Gum Arabic Nigerian 1 Kilo


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