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Titanium White Pigment

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Titanium White, or Titanium Doixide, is an artificial mineral pigment introduced in the 1920s. It is valued for its opacity, good lightfastness, and stability in all media. Its high tinting strength can render it a dominant colour in mixtures. It is very slow drying in oil, and creates a somewhat brittle paint film, though more flexible than Zinc White. Its brightness makes it a popular addition to gesso.

Toxicity: B


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SKU Product Name Price Qty
LC18011C Pigment 15 ml Titanium White (13g)
LC18013F Pigment 100 grams Titanium White
LC18015J Pigment 500 grams Titanium White
LC18016K Pigment 1 Kilo Titanium White
LC18017L Pigment 2.5 Kilo Titanium White
LC18018M Pigment 5 Kilo Titanium White


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