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Smalt Dark Pigment

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Smalt is a kind of cobalt blue glass or frit, and its use as a pigment dates from the 1600s in the glass-making regions of Saxony. We offer two shades, light and dark, which are determined by the particle size of the pigment; the more finely ground the powder, the paler the colour. Before the introduction of Ultramarine Blue, Smalt was available in a wide variety of grades. It is a very transparent pigment, which is easily overwhelmed in mixtures due to its weak tinting strength. It works best in water based media. When ground in oil, it can become almost invisible in dried oil-paint films because its refractive index is so close to that of linseed oil.

Larger quantities are available by request.

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  • Smalt Dark Pigment

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LC20051C Pigment Early Colour 10 grams Smalt Dark 200 Mesh
LC20052E Pigment Early Colour 50 grams Smalt Dark 200 Mesh
LC20053F Pigment Early Colour 100 grams Smalt Dark 200 Mesh