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Vermilion Genuine Pigment

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Vermilion is an artificial pigment based on mercuric sulphide, which occurs naturally as Cinnabar. The synthetic form contains fewer impurities than Cinnabar, and was in use in China as early as the fourth century. It was present in Europe from the ninth century, and was the most widely used red pigment until the introduction of Cadmium Red in the early twentieth century. It has good tinting strength and opacity but, like many red pigments, it dries very slowly in oil media.

Larger sizes available on request.

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  • Vermilion Genuine Pigment

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LC12181D Pigment 25g Vermilion Genuine
LC12182E Pigment 50 grams Vermilion Genuine
LC12183F Pigment 100 grams Vermilion Genuine
LC12184H Pigment 250 grams Vermilion Genuine


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