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Isinglass is derived from the dried swim bladders of fish, with Salianski Isinglass being the highest grade available. In the Russian Icon tradition, it commonly provided the glue component in gesso recipes, and was sometimes mixed with pigment to make tempera paints, due to its high binding strength. It can be used to make a pale, clear glue, which is less prone to darkening than other animal glues, and which is particularly flexible, making it a useful material for repairing textiles.

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LC27442E Isinglass Powder (South American) 50 grams
LC27443F Isinglass Powder (South American) 100 grams
LC27444H Isinglass Powder (South American) 250 grams
LC27452E Isinglass Sturgeon (Salianski) 50 grams
LC27453F Isinglass Sturgeon (Salianski) 100 grams
LC27454H Isinglass Sturgeon (Salianski) 250 grams


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