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Etching Inks

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  1. Gamblin Etching Inks 300ml

    Gamblin Etching Inks 300ml

    Starting at: £20.90

    Gamblin Etching Inks were formulated at the request of professional printmakers in the Pacific Northwest who wanted strong reliable inks for edition printing. The palette of pure intense pigments offers a broad range of color mixing potential. Learn More
  2. Gamblin Burnt Plate Oils

    Gamblin Burnt Plate Oils

    Starting at: £10.50

    Burnt Plate Oils are used to lower the viscosity of the ink. Burnt Plate Oil should be added to inks sparingly, as the detail of a print may be lost if the ink becomes too fluid. Burnt Plate Oil #000 has less tack and is a good match for use with Gamblin Relief Inks. Burnt Plate Oil #2 has a higher tack and is the primary oil binder for Gamblin Etching Inks. Learn More
  3. Gamblin Tack Reducer 150ml

    Gamblin Tack Reducer 150ml


    Tack Reducer is a gel made from a very light drying oil, making it completely compatible with the inks. Small amounts added to ink will efficiently reduce tack. Tack Reducer is transparent to allow the intensity of an inks color to be maintained. Learn More
  4. Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks

    Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks

    Starting at: £8.00

    Oil-based and washable - Artist quality etching inks for non-toxic printmaking. Solvent-free cleaning and lightfast, this unique range of etching inks can be washed away with liquid soap and water. Suitable for all types of intaglio printing e.g. etching, aquatint and line engraving. This range does not contain any driers. For faster drying rates, add a small amount of cobalt or manganese driers.

    Learn More

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