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Hangito 3mm (Right Handed)

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The Hangi-toh is a cutting knife with a bevelled edge. It is used to outline areas to be kept. This is the most useful tool for the Mokuhanga artist. The tool is designed to be held blade down at roughly 90 degree angle with the flat edge of the blade towards line to be kept and the bevelled edge in the area to be carved away. A small amount of pressure is excised by placing thumb over the end of the handle slightly to the left and blade tilted to the right (if you are right handed) so that you may see the blade running down the line as you work, the blade should be guided with the other hand though care is needed not to apply too much pressure. This is the traditional method of holding the tool and, for this reason right and left handed tools are required. (Please note, left handed tools can be ordered by telephone and will take 4-6 weeks to arrive). The blade may be removed and sharpened by slipping off the ferrule.

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  • Hangito 3mm (Right Handed)
  • Hangito 3mm (Right Handed)