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Lascaux Acrylic-resist etching

The growing awareness of the damage caused to artists’ health and the environment by the use of toxic art materials has led intaglio printmakers to search for safer ways of working. Lascaux, working in collaboration with the printmakers Robert Adam and Carol Robertson, have developed a complete range of safer modern materials which can be used to replace the traditional acid resists. These reliable new acrylic resists have been carefully designed to provide all the marks associated with traditional materials as well as relating closely to classical working methods. A innovatory vocabulary of painterly marks has also become possible due to the versatility of the new materials. The water-soluble resists are easily applied with artists’ brushes and tools and can be cleaned up with soapy water. They can be used on copper, brass, zinc, aluminium and mild steel. The prepared etching plates may be new or previously bitten. Lascaux resists can be used in combination with each other and are compatible with photopolymer resists such as Photec (see technical sheet for Lascaux Tusches). They dry quickly and become powerful acid resists with the ability to sustain long etches in a range of mordants. After etching they can be easily and economically removed from the plate with Lascaux Remover. The etched plates may be worked further or printed with water-based inks or oil-based inks. Some of the resists can also be used for intaglio collagraph methods.

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  1. Lascaux Coloured coating for Hard Resist

    Lascaux Coloured coating for Hard Resist

    Starting at: £38.70

    These black or white coatings may be painted onto a dry layer of Hard resist so that the drawing made with etching tools is highly visible. The coloured coatings are not acid-resistant and are designed to be washed away with water before the plate is stopped-out or etched. Learn More
  2. Lascaux Hard Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Hard Resist 500ml


    This resist is painted onto the plate in a thin even layer with a soft flat square-ended brush. When this clear layer is dry it may be coloured or drawn into with etching needles, roulettes and steel wool. The waxy character allows the needle to glide through its surface. After drawing the coloured coating (if used) is removed, the image is stopped out if necessary, then the plate is etched. As the resist is clear the artist can monitor the etching process accurately. Learn More
  3. Lascaux Soft Resist 500m

    Lascaux Soft Resist 500m


    This slower drying resist is designed to offset easily and is used to make soft crayon- or pencil-like drawings, textures from collages and direct broad line drawings. Learn More
  4. Lascaux Plate-Backing Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Plate-Backing Resist 500ml


    This tough scratch-resistant coloured resist is painted onto the back and edges of the plate to prevent any biting during the etching process. Learn More
  5. Lascaux Stop-Out Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Stop-Out Resist 500ml


    Stop-out resist may be painted thickly on a smooth substrate to generate a contour lines. The resists can be used to seal collagraph plates when necessary (e.g. absorbent substrates or carborundum plates). Learn More
  6. Lascaux Wash Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Wash Resist 500ml


    This coloured granular resist is painted on the plate and used in conjunction with Lascaux Spray/aquatint to create unusual etched effects similar to watercolour or tusche washes. Learn More
  7. Lascaux Aquatint Spray Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Aquatint Spray Resist 500ml


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    This coloured resist is sprayed onto the plate to create a range of controllable tonal effects. It may be used in conjunction with Lascaux Lift solution, other lift methods, stencils and Lascaux Wash resist. Learn More
  8. Lascaux Remover 1L

    Lascaux Remover 1L


    Dried resists are removed by immersing the plate in a tray or tank of Lascaux Remover for 15 to 30 minutes. * UK ONLY Learn More
  9. Lascaux Etching Set ARE

    Lascaux Etching Set ARE


    Lascaux ARE Etching Set 3991. Containing one 85ml bottle each of: 2090 Lascaux Hard Resist, 2091 Lascaux Plate-backing Resist, 2092 Lascaux Stop-out Resist, 2093 Lascaux Soft Resist, 2094 Lascaux Wash Resist, 2095 Lascaux Aquatint Spray Resist, 2096 Lascaux Black coating for Hard Resist, 2097 Lascaux White coating for Hard Resist, 2098 Lascaux Remover. Learn More
  10. Lascaux Tusche Water-Soluble

    Lascaux Tusche Water-Soluble


    This viscous tusche can be painted in a smooth even layer which can be scratched away to create delicate non-printing lines. It can also be used for a broad range of painted marks, offsetting and pattern-making. The diluted tusche dries to create granular washes that are full of character. Dry marks can be re-wet and altered if required. 500ml. Learn More

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