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Lithography Materials

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  1. Charbonnel Litho Crayons

    Charbonnel Litho Crayons

    Starting at: £43.20

    Charbonnel Litho Crayons Learn More
  2. Korns Litho Pencil Core

    Korns Litho Pencil Core

    Starting at: £5.90

    For litho on stone, plate and aquatint. Can be mixed with water. For aquatint applications. No.1, 2 and 3 are the most suitable for creating fine tonal effects. Acid resistant. Pencil core fits in our classic 5.5mm clutch pencil. Learn More
  3. Korns Rubbing Ink

    Korns Rubbing Ink

    Starting at: £23.80

    For creating textural and tonal effects. Learn More
  4. Compressed Lithography Sponge

    Compressed Lithography Sponge


    Cornelissen Compressed Litho Sponge. Designed to keep the litho stone wet during printing. It can be used for preparing printmaking or watercolour paper. Learn More
  5. Charbonnel Tusche Stick

    Charbonnel Tusche Stick


    100 x 22 x 6mm Learn More
  6. High Grade Litho Ink

    High Grade Litho Ink


    Charbonnel High Grade Litho Ink 125 grams. Paste drawing ink. Very greasy. For heavily drawn or painted images. Soften with warm water. Learn More
  7. Korns Litho Tusche Stick

    Korns Litho Tusche Stick


    Call to Order

    108 x 29 x 10mm. Prepare by mixing with distilled water to desired concentration. Can be used on aquatint as well as litho plates and stones. Recommended for higher quality results. Learn More
  8. Rohrer & Klingner Autographic Ink

    Rohrer & Klingner Autographic Ink

    Starting at: £25.10

    Autographic ink is a particularly greasy ink used for drawing in silkscreen or lithography, or as a transfer ink. It can be applied to transference paper, ideally one that is strongly sized with a fine grain, or it can be directly applied to the stone. Learn More
  9. Rohrer & Klingner Lithographic Inks

    Rohrer & Klingner Lithographic Inks

    Starting at: £17.40

    Liquid lithographic ink and solid (tushe) lithographic ink are highly resistant against acids and can be used to draw on stone, aluminium and zinc plates. Uses a highly dispersed pigment that is compounded from shellac, wax and soap. While the liquid ink is suited for complete covering, the tushe ink is excellent for halftones and transitions. * Please note that the Litho Tusche now comes in a cylindrical shape, rather than the rectangular stick photographed. Learn More
  10. Rohrer & Klingner Litho Chalk

    Rohrer & Klingner Litho Chalk

    Starting at: £17.40

    Composed of wax, tallow and Syrian asphalt, the litho chalks feature high resistance against acids. To maintaine quality of the stone, they do not seal the pores of the stone surface. Available in six degrees of hardness with No. 0 being the softest, No. 5 the hardest, and No. 3 the most commonly applied. Learn More
  11. Lithography Leather Roller 35cm

    Lithography Leather Roller 35cm


    Traditional rolling up roller and colour printing roller supplied with leather grip handles for easy rotation. Diameter: 10cm Length: 35cm. Wider (45 cm) version available upon special order request (£560.00 Inc VAT). Learn More
  12. Charbonnel Black Velvet Printing Ink

    Charbonnel Black Velvet Printing Ink

    Starting at: £39.10

    Most intense black printing ink for lithography. Learn More
  13. Charbonnel Black Drawing Printing Ink

    Charbonnel Black Drawing Printing Ink

    Starting at: £23.10

    Medium intensity black printing ink for lithography. Learn More
  14. Charbonnel Black Soft Crayon Ink

    Charbonnel Black Soft Crayon Ink

    Starting at: £39.10

    Least intense black printing ink for lithography. Learn More
  15. Charbonnel Roll-up Black

    Charbonnel Roll-up Black

    Starting at: £50.60

    Call to Order

    Non-drying black for temporary protection of stone between etchings. Learn More

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