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Raw Materials for Printmaking

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  1. Crocus Powder

    Crocus Powder

    Starting at: £8.50

    A red amorphous powder consisting of ferric chloride oxide. Used as a colourant for ceramic glazes. Also used in polishing glass, metal, or gems. Also known as jeweller's rouge. Learn More
  2. Carborundum Powder

    Carborundum Powder

    Starting at: £11.50

    Carborundum Powder. Grid of coarseness: Fine 120/220, Medium 80/120, Coarse 60/80 Learn More
  3. Asphaltum Powder

    Asphaltum Powder

    Starting at: £14.30

    Used in etching grounds and stopping out varnishes. Can be used as a blackish brown colourant but when combined with oil causes wrinkling and cracking. Learn More
  4. Tallow


    Starting at: £34.60

    Used in printmaking. Imparts softness and greasiness. An ingredient for producing soft etching ground. Learn More
  5. Ferric Chloride

    Ferric Chloride

    Starting at: £15.00

    For the etching of plates for printing fine art images in intaglio. Ferric Chloride can be used as a non toxic alternative to nitric acid in the etching process. Suitable for etching most types of metals including copper, zinc, mild steel, aluminium, iron and brass. Learn More
  6. Roberson Copperplate Reducing Oil

    Roberson Copperplate Reducing Oil

    Starting at: £21.90

    Printing inks can be made by mixing powdered pigments with copperplate oil. Pour small quantity of oil into well of dry pigment and grind with glass muller untill smooth. Thin oil is then added until mixture has consistency of double cream. Thin, Medium or Thick. Learn More

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