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Stabilo Woody Pencils

Stabilo Woody Pencils

Product Review (submitted on 15 November 2016):
I bought these for my 18 month old with some Christmas money last year. Both of us use them almost every day, he is now 2 and a half and loves drawing. We do not have space for messy painting in the flat. However he gets to practice using a wet brush to make the colours run and blend. The aquarelle nature of the crayons is a big bonus, though the dry colours also mix well on the paper to create all your favourite colour magic (blue and yellow crayon making green is still the best). I cannot imagine needing anything else until he is ready for school.

The 10mm leads means that these are never going to be used for fine detailed drawings. But for creating cartoon characters, and toddler scribbling, on A2 paper these are perfect,

I have no doubt they could be used for fine art, but I have not tried to use them in this way.