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Roberson Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

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Linseed Oil is derived from flax seeds, and appears on our shelves in many guises: Cold Pressed, Refined, Stand Oil, and as a key ingredient in many mediums. It has been appreciated for its drying properties since the Medieval period, and has become the most popular oil used in painting today due to the strong, flexible and glossy film that it creates.

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil is ideal for the grinding of pigment to make oil paints. The process of producing Cold Pressed Linseed Oil results in a lower yield, but the resultant oil is of a superior quality to oil that has been extracted by other methods, creating a paint film that is more resistant to embrittlement on aging. Its yellow colour is caused by the high concentration of linolenic acid, the presence of which provides durability to the paint film.

The amount of oil that each pigment requires can vary enormously. Alizarin Crimson, for example, requires a high percentage of oil compared to most other colours. We would always recommend mulling the pigment and oil together thoroughly to create a "short" or buttery paste, with evenly dispersed, well-coated pigment particles. This process contributes to the strength and flexibility of the paint film, and prevents the inclusion of excess oil.

Origin: USA

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  • Roberson Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

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