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Raw Materials for Gilding

Various raw materials for use when gilding, including chalks, sizes and resins.

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  1. Whiting


    Starting at: £3.80

    Refinded bulky pigment for use as an extender or adulterant. Used for making gesso when combined with rabbit skin glue. Learn More
  2. Practical Gilding

    Practical Gilding


    By Peter & Ann Mactaggart. This book is an attempt to set down detailed descriptions and explanations of the traditional, professional methods of both oil and water gilding in a way that can be followed by another craftsman. It does not discuss some of the methods that have been suggested recently for amateur use. (74 pages) Learn More
  3. Gesso di Bologna

    Gesso di Bologna

    Starting at: £8.10

    Gesso di Bologna Learn More
  4. Rabbit Skin Glue

    Rabbit Skin Glue

    Starting at: £10.95

    For sizing canvas prior to priming with an oil based primer. Do not use under acrylic primer. Soak overnight in water. Heat in double boiler (do not boil). Ratio water:size 13:1. Use while still warm. Rabbit Skin Glue do not contain any preservatives. 340 - 360 Bloom Learn More

  5. Gelatine Leaf

    Gelatine Leaf

    Starting at: £5.30

    A pure form of glue from animal tissue. Used for sizing paper. Used in gliding and for weak sizes in isolating layers in tempera painting. Learn More
  6. Gelatine Capsules

    Gelatine Capsules

    Starting at: £5.80

    Gelatine Capsules Learn More
  7. Gum Ammoniac

    Gum Ammoniac

    Starting at: £18.60

    When soaked in hot water will yield a milky substance used by calligraphers for gilding. Learn More
  8. Clear Dewaxed Shellac

    Clear Dewaxed Shellac

    Starting at: £9.20

    As a varnish it will dry to a hard tough film useful for floors and furniture. Can be used to size porous surfaces. Can be used as an isolating layer in tempera painting. De-colourised using the carbon filtering method. Learn More

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