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Lacquers & Varnishes for Gilding

A variety of lacquers and varnishes for protecting gilded surfaces.

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  1. Roberson Clear Shellac Varnish

    Roberson Clear Shellac Varnish

    Starting at: £9.00

    Fast drying varnish for metal leaf. May also be used to seal absorbent surfaces prior to sizing. Cellulose based. Clean brushes with methylated spirits. Learn More
  2. Schmincke Aerosol B72 300ml

    Schmincke Aerosol B72 300ml


    Performs in a similar protective way as Lascaux Fixative. Non yellowing, crystal clear and age-resistant. Suitable as a fixative and protection for pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolours, gouache, inks, metal leaf, photos and prints. Can also be used as a final varnish for oil and acrylic colours. Invisible on absorbent surfaces and semi matt very slightly glossy on non absorbent surfaces. Learn More
  3. Renaissance Wax

    Renaissance Wax

    Starting at: £8.45

    Used by restoration specialists to revive and protect furniture, leather, paintings, metals etc. Freshens colours, imparts soft sheen. Very long shelf life. (approx 20 years) as long as it is not exposed to heat. Learn More
  4. Universal Lacquer in 60ml, 120ml and 1L.

    Universal Lacquer

    Starting at: £10.00

    Use to protect metal & silver leaf, white gold, Ormoline paint & Robersons Liquid Metal range. Provides extra protection on exterior projects & high-wear areas. It dries crystal clear with a satin finish, and is non-yellowing. Learn More

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