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Cleaning Materials for Restoration

Cleaning materials and varnish remover used for restoration.

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  1. Roberson CRP Picture Cleaner

    Roberson CRP Picture Cleaner

    Starting at: £17.20

    Cleansing/Reviving/Preserving wax paste for oil paintings, sculptures, any painted & polished surfaces except drawings, water colours or pastels. Learn More
  2. Winsor & Newton Picture Cleaner

    Winsor & Newton Picture Cleaner

    Starting at: £9.20

    Winsor & Newton Picture Cleaner Learn More
  3. Schmincke Varnish Remover

    Schmincke Varnish Remover

    Starting at: £9.45

    Varnish remover. For softening old varnish and colour layers. Strong solvent should be used by experienced persons only. Learn More
  4. Vulpex


    Starting at: £13.25

    Concentrated liquid soap. Mix with water or white spirit to clean surfaces such as gilt, stone or even paper. Learn More
  5. Laponite ®

    Laponite ®

    Starting at: £34.40

    For cleaning marble. Mix with water to thick paste. LAPONITE® is a registered trademark of BYK Additives Ltd Learn More

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