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Water-based Gold Size

A range of water-based size for gilding.

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  1. Roberson Acrylic Gold Size

    Roberson Acrylic Gold Size

    Starting at: £7.80

    Easy to use acrylic gold size. Ready for gilding in 15-20 minutes. 1-2 days open time. Learn More
  2. Seccotine 30 ml

    Seccotine 30 ml


    Refined liquid fish glue for use as a size for gilding on paper. It can also be used as a glue for paper and as a binder in gesso for raised illumination. Seccotine is made from the skin of the Atlantic deep sea cod fish. It remains flexible after drying.

    Learn More
  3. Miniatum


    Starting at: £23.30

    Size for high gloss gilding on paper, degreased vellum, leather and flexible surfaces. Learn More
  4. Miniatum Ink

    Miniatum Ink

    Starting at: £32.40

    Miniatum size in ink form, for raised calligraphic illumination and fine lines in gold and silver leaf. Learn More
  5. Kölner Instacoll Activator

    Instacoll Gilding System

    Starting at: £5.50

    Kölner Instacoll is a two-part system, consisting of a base coat and activator, that can be used on nearly all suitably prepared substrates to create weather-resistant, high gloss interior and exterior gilded surfaces. The Instacoll Tool is a double-ended tool with shaped tips made of elastic rubber, designed for pressing gold and silver transfer leaf into indentations when gilding uneven surfaces. The Instacoll Chiffonnette is an extra soft, lint-free cloth, used for polishing and burnishing surfaces gilded with Instacoll. Learn More
  6. Kölner Permacoll, Red


    Starting at: £7.60

    Permacoll size dries within 15 to 30 minutes, and metal leaf can be applied hours or even days later. This product is designed to achieve decorative metallic finishes on surfaces that are not exposed to weather or excessive wear. It has more adhesive strength than Instacoll and is therefore particularly well suited for gilding with imitation metal leaf. The final surface is not burnishable. Learn More
  7. Roberson Ormoline Gilding Medium

    Roberson Ormoline Gilding Medium

    Starting at: £9.00

    Acrylic size, fluid enough to use with dip pen. Pink colour. For gilding onto paper and parchment. Learn More
  8. Roberson Gum Ammoniac

    Roberson Gum Ammoniac

    Starting at: £13.50

    Natural gum size made to a traditional recipe. Learn More

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