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  1. Roberson Bronze Powder Shade Card A4

    Roberson Bronze Powder Shade Card A4


    Roberson Bronze Powder Shade Card A4 Learn More
  2. Vulpex


    Starting at: £12.30

    Concentrated liquid soap. Mix with water or white spirit to clean surfaces such as gilt, stone or even paper. Learn More
  3. Roberson CRP Picture Cleaner

    Roberson CRP Picture Cleaner

    Starting at: £17.20

    Cleansing/Reviving/Preserving wax paste for oil paintings, sculptures, any painted & polished surfaces except drawings, water colours or pastels. Learn More
  4. Professional Gilders Cushion

    Professional Gilders Cushion

    Starting at: £65.00

    L.Cornelissen & Son's Professional Gilders Cushions are handmade in London, using the highest quality materials. Soft, buffed suede nap goatskin stretched over a sturdy mahogany veneer panel, secured with brass tacks and some fitted with a genuine parchment windsheild. Learn More
  5. Economy Gilders Cushion

    Economy Gilders Cushion


    Economy Gilders Cushion Learn More
  6. Roberson Stainless Steel Gilders Knife

    Roberson Stainless Steel Gilders Knife


    Gilders Knife Stainless Learn More
  7. Green Felt Burnisher Pockets

    Green Felt Burnisher Pockets

    Starting at: £2.40

    Green Felt Burnisher Pockets (Please note, our short felt pockets only fit burnishers that are labelled as short handled. All other burnishers will fit in the long felt pockets) Learn More
  8. Lino Blocks

    Lino Blocks

    Starting at: £0.60

    Lino Blocks Learn More
  9. Cornelissen Tamping Brush

    Cornelissen Tamping Brush

    Starting at: £17.10

    Cornelissen Tamping Brush Learn More
  10. Roberson Gilders Tips

    Roberson Gilders Tips

    Starting at: £8.95

    Roberson Gilders Tips Learn More
  11. Roberson Glass muller, medium (7 cm)  and small (5 cm) [without logo]

    Roberson Glass Mullers

    Starting at: £33.10

    Roberson Glass Mullers are handmade using high quality-glass. 

    Mullers act as flat-bottomed pestles, which are used to grind pigment into a binding medium, suspending it evenly to create a uniform covering of binder around each pigment particle. Using a muller and slab, rather than simply mixing pigment and binder together, will create a more homogenised and stable paint. 

    Use in conjunction with a Cornelissen Glass Slab to make paint efficiently. The sand-blasted texture of the muller and plate helps to push and distribute the pigment throughout the binder quickly. This will mean less grinding, and more painting! 

    NOTE: Sizes may vary slightly as these are handmade products. 

    Learn More
  12. Stencil Brushes

    Stencil Brushes

    Starting at: £3.40

    Stiff hog bristle stipples colour through stencil holes giving the pattern texture and, because it is stippled on, is less likely to creep under the stencil thus giving the design a crisper edge. Learn More
  13. Roberson Flogger

    Roberson Flogger

    Starting at: £23.70

    Call to Order

    Roberson Flogger Learn More
  14. Roberson Badger Softener

    Roberson Badger Softener

    Starting at: £40.80

    Roberson Badger Softener Learn More
  15. Roberson Stipplers

    Roberson Stipplers

    Starting at: £26.00

    Roberson Stipplers Learn More
  16. Roberson Lily Softener 75mm

    Roberson Lily Softener 75mm


    Roberson Lily Softener 75mm Learn More
  17. Universal Lacquer in 60ml, 120ml and 1L.

    Universal Lacquer

    Starting at: £13.90

    Use to protect metal & silver leaf, white gold, Ormoline paint & Robersons Liquid Metal range. Provides extra protection on exterior projects & high-wear areas. It dries crystal clear with a satin finish, and is non-yellowing. Learn More

  18. Roberson Copperplate Reducing Oil

    Roberson Copperplate Reducing Oil

    Starting at: £21.90

    Printing inks can be made by mixing powdered pigments with copperplate oil. Pour small quantity of oil into well of dry pigment and grind with glass muller untill smooth. Thin oil is then added until mixture has consistency of double cream. Thin, Medium or Thick. Learn More
  19. Robersons Dragger 50mm

    Robersons Dragger 50mm


    Roberson Dragger 50mm Learn More
  20. Roberson Gum Ammoniac

    Roberson Gum Ammoniac

    Starting at: £13.50

    Natural gum size made to a traditional recipe. Learn More
  21. Roberson Ormoline Gilding Medium

    Roberson Ormoline Gilding Medium

    Starting at: £9.00

    Acrylic size, fluid enough to use with dip pen. Pink colour. For gilding onto paper and parchment. Learn More
  22. Wax Tapers Box of 55

    Wax Tapers Box of 55


    Wax Tapers Box of 55 Learn More
  23. Scrim


    Starting at: £3.20

    Scrim Tartalan 110cm (43") wide, priced per meter. Learn More
  24. Butter Muslin

    Butter Muslin

    Starting at: £3.20

    Butter Muslin 99cm (39") wide, priced per meter. Learn More
  25. Roberson Acrylic Gold Size

    Roberson Acrylic Gold Size

    Starting at: £7.80

    Easy to use acrylic gold size. Ready for gilding in 15-20 minutes. 1-2 days open time. Learn More
  26. Roberson Improved Gold Body 15ml

    Roberson Improved Gold Body 15 ml


    Raising preparation for illumination. Yellow colour. Learn More
  27. Roberson Water Gold Size 15 ml

    Roberson Water Gold Size 15 ml


    Traditional size for illumination. Made with natural gums. Yellow colour. Learn More
  28. Roberson Priming Brush

    Roberson Priming Brush

    Starting at: £6.60

    Selected short hog hair. Economical brush for a wide variety of priming uses. Learn More
  29. Roberson Liquid Metal Brush

    Roberson Liquid Metal Brush

    Starting at: £13.30

    A high quality multi-purpose golden synthetic fibre brush with plain wood handle and rustproof steel ferrule. This brush was originally developed for use in our testing laboratory and has been specifically designed for use with the Roberson Liquid metal range. The micro fine synthetic bristles ensure a high class smooth finish not available with normal acrylic brushes. It is also excellent for applying both acrylic and solvent based varnishes. Learn More
  30. Roberson Oil Gold Size 3 hour

    Roberson Oil Gold Size 3 hour

    Starting at: £8.70

    Roberson Oil Gold Size 3 hour Learn More

Items 1 to 30 of 132 total

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