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  1. Charbonnel Violets

    Charbonnel Violets

    Starting at: £36.80

    Charbonnel Violets Learn More
  2. Lascaux Coloured coating for Hard Resist

    Lascaux Coloured coating for Hard Resist

    Starting at: £33.00

    These black or white coatings may be painted onto a dry layer of Hard resist so that the drawing made with etching tools is highly visible. The coloured coatings are not acid-resistant and are designed to be washed away with water before the plate is stopped-out or etched. Learn More
  3. Lascaux Tusche Wash Spray 500ml

    Lascaux Tusche Wash Spray 500ml


    This tusche can be sprayed from a simple airbrush and is required if Lascaux Lift Solution is to be used. Other airbrush techniques can be employed and tonal effects similar to aquatints in etching can be created. It can also be used for painting washes and handles like Chinese ink. When diluted it creates a further range of washes. Learn More
  4. Essdee Lino Set

    Essdee Lino Set


    This comprehensive kit includes a wide selection of tools and materials for Lino cutting and printing. You can experiment with artisan printing techniques and compare traditional lino and the new Softcut materials, which add new possibilities for beginners and experienced users alike. The 6 different lino cutters allow varied carving styles, whilst the safety cutter and hand guard ensure safe working for younger or less experienced users. The 3-in-1 Baren is a tool for transferring ink from your lino block to paper, but can also be used as a desk tidy for your cutters and as a stamping tool when used with the included self-adhesive Softcut™ discs. You can make many prints with the water based ink whilst keeping your work space clean with the handy ink tray. This educational and fun kit is ideal for making unique greeting cards, gifts, posters or even great works of art! Full instructions are included. Recommended Age: 12 and up with adult supervision. Learn More
  5. Lascaux Hard Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Hard Resist 500ml


    This resist is painted onto the plate in a thin even layer with a soft flat square-ended brush. When this clear layer is dry it may be coloured or drawn into with etching needles, roulettes and steel wool. The waxy character allows the needle to glide through its surface. After drawing the coloured coating (if used) is removed, the image is stopped out if necessary, then the plate is etched. As the resist is clear the artist can monitor the etching process accurately. Learn More
  6. Charbonnel Roll-up Black

    Charbonnel Roll-up Black

    Starting at: £34.90

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    Non-drying black for temporary protection of stone between etchings. Learn More
  7. Lascaux Tusche Wash 500ml

    Lascaux Tusche Wash 500ml


    This Tusche has handling qualities similar to ink and can be diluted to make gradated washes typical of stone lithography. By scratching into the dry marks, delicate non-printing lines can be created. Learn More

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