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  1. Roberson Studio Safe Beeswax Medium

    Roberson Studio Safe Beeswax Medium

    Starting at: £18.60

    A safe wax medium for impasto effects. This medium retains palette knife marks and brush strokes, remains thick and doubles paint easily, drying to a matt finish.

    Studio Safe products are non-aromatic, non-flammable, and have a pleasant orange smell.

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  2. Roberson Metallic Oil Sticks

    Roberson Metallic Oil Sticks

    Starting at: £16.40

    Artists' quality metallic oil paint sticks for painting & drawing. Non-tarnishing and highly pigmented, these soft paint sticks are made with an unique mix of mica pigments, oils and waxes which generate a solid metal effect. Easy to use alongside regular oil paint. Blend and shade the colours together to make further shades. Treat as oil paint for surface preparation and clean-up. Learn More
  3. Roberson Impasto Medium

    Roberson Impasto Medium

    Starting at: £16.50

    Roberson Impasto medium is a crack-resistant medium for impasto effects. It retains palette knife and brush strokes, giving the paint sharp, defined edges. It remains thick and doubles paint easily, drying to a matte finish. To retain colour strength, mix one part medium to one part oil colour.

    Contains: Stand Oil, Damar Resin, Turpentine, Bleached Beeswax.

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  4. Roberson Canada Balsam Medium

    Roberson Canada Balsam Medium

    Starting at: £39.10

    A high quality painting medium which will produce a deep glow, made from Canada Balsam and Turpentine. Especially effective with transparent oil colours, it is recommended as the medium of choice in the final stages of an oil painting. Learn More
  5. Roberson Matt Glaze Medium

    Roberson Matt Glaze Medium

    Starting at: £9.80

    Mix with tube oils or pigment to improve flow and translucency, resulting in a satin finish. Contains silica driers. May darken if cap is left off bottle; if this happens, replace the lid and leave overnight to restore the colour with no lasting ill effects.

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