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  1. Various Mediums

    Liquitex Acrylic Textured and Effects Mediums

    Starting at: £19.90

    Liquitex Acrylic Textured and Effects Mediums Learn More
  2. Roberson Acrylic Craquelure

    Roberson Acrylic Craquelure

    Starting at: £5.86

    Roberson Acrylic Craquelure. This product has been discontinued and is only available while stocks last. Learn More
  3. Sennelier Oil Sticks

    Sennelier Oil Sticks

    Starting at: £7.65

    Solid artists' quality oil paint sticks. (Ø = 3/4 ; length = 5" ) SENNELIER Extra-Fine Solid Oil Sticks can be used alone or in combination with to oil colours in tubes. The oil stick colours can be used for an entire painting. They are applied directly to any traditional oil-painting support, such as canvas, wood panel or fine art paper. They need the same archival priming (acrylic gesso or oil ground) that oil paint requires. Surfaces: Before use, the surface film of the oil stick must be peeled off. It will form again after a few days of non-use, protecting and conserving the color. The oil sticks must be applied in a thin film application of no more than 1mm thick. Once applied they can be painted over with oil stick or oil paint and if desired be diluted with turpentine. Oil stick Medium, a colorless oil stick, may be used to produce transparent effects and glazes. Once applied, the oil stick surface will dry in 2 to 5 days, depending on the atmospheric conditions Varnishing: If varnishing is desired, you must wait 6 months (as in traditional oil paint) until the colour is completely dry, before giving the painting a final coat of picture varnish. Use a soft brush to varnish so that the oil stick marks are not disturbed. SENNELIER Extra-Fine Solid Oil Stick colours are either opaque (O) or transparent (T) depending on the nature of the pigment in each colour. Oil Sticks do not change during storage and require no special precautions except to be kept away from any source of heat, which could adversely affect the stick. Application Techniques After applying the colour with the point or the edge of the oil stick, colours can be mixed directly on the support using the following methods: • Blending, with brush, finger, or drawing stump. With or without turpentine • Wash-drawing, dilute colours with turpentine or mineral spirit • Retouching, with oil stick, palette knife or brush • Textures, thick application oil stick colour. Retouch with a brush or palette knife •Sgraffito, scratching a layer of fresh paint with a point (brush handle, palette knife, etc.) to reveal the layer below. Sgraffito is related to engraving, and is used not only for revealing the under-layers of paint but also to scratch and clean unsatisfactory parts of the painting •Interior Decoration, on glass, ceramics etc. Use for decorative purposes only Learn More
  4. Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium

    Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium

    Starting at: £9.25

    Gives pearlescent or glitter effects to watercolours. Learn More

  5. Pearl Lustre Pigments 7g

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 7g

    Starting at: £4.70

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 7g. Colour swatch on the left indicates colour on a White Background and Colour on a Black Background on the right. Learn More
  6. Lascaux Tusche Soft Ground Effect 500ml

    Lascaux Tusche Soft Ground Effect 500ml


    This slow drying viscous tusche has been designed to produce effects similar to soft ground in traditional etching. Using this method soft non-printing drawings may be made and impressions of fabric, leaves, feathers and other collage materials may be taken. The tusche can also be used for a broad range of painted marks and can be drawn into with paint shapers and other tools. The diluted tusche dries to creategranular washes. Dry marks can be re-wet and altered. Learn More
  7. Casein Lactic

    Casein Lactic

    Starting at: £18.30

    Casein is a protein derived from dried milk, which has been used in painting since ancient times. It can be combined with Ammonium Carbonate to form an emulsion, which acts as a durable, non-resoluble binder for pigments, producing a matte, fast-drying paint, similar in appearance to egg tempera. We use casein as a binder for our L. Cornelissen & Son Pigment Colour Charts, as it is a medium that clearly showcases the characteristics and behaviour of each pigment in its pure form. Casein paints can be applied in thin layers to watercolour paper, but would require a more rigid support, such as a gesso panel, to be applied thickly, as the comparative inflexibility of the paint layer means that it can be prone to cracking. Subsequent layers of paint should be more diluted to aid adhesion, and impasto effects are not recommended. It is possible to varnish casein paintings using an acrylic or damar varnish to obtain a glossy surface if desired, although this is not a necessary step. Casein can also be used as an ingredient in gesso, and is a suitable binder for fresco secco techniques.

    Some pigments may require a wetting agent in order to fully disperse within the binder, in which case alcohol may be used.

    Learn More
  8. Pearl Lustre Pigments 1 kg

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 1 kg

    Starting at: £94.00

    Call to Order

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 1 kg. Colour swatch on the left indicates colour on a White Background and Colour on a Black Background on the right. Learn More
  9. Omega Series 222 Domed Hog Sash

    Omega Series 222 Domed Hog Sash

    Starting at: £10.30

    Long natural bristle hair with copper ferrule. Shaped to a slightly rounded snub tip, these brushes are suited to large scale painting in oils and acrylics. Also useful for decorative paint effects and for applying gesso during gilding. 100% pure hog hair. Learn More
  10. Lascaux Wash Resist 500ml

    Lascaux Wash Resist 500ml


    This coloured granular resist is painted on the plate and used in conjunction with Lascaux Spray/aquatint to create unusual etched effects similar to watercolour or tusche washes. Learn More
  11. William Mitchell Nibs

    William Mitchell Nibs

    Starting at: £0.90

    William Mitchell Nibs Learn More
  12. Pearl Lustre Pigments 100g

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 100g

    Starting at: £12.90

    Pearl Lustre Pigments 100g. Colour swatch on the left indicates colour on a White Background and Colour on a Black Background on the right. Learn More
  13. Roberson Matt Glaze Medium

    Roberson Matt Glaze Medium

    Starting at: £9.80

    Mix with tube oils or pigment to improve flow and translucency, resulting in a satin finish. Contains silica driers. May darken if cap is left off bottle; if this happens, replace the lid and leave overnight to restore the colour with no lasting ill effects.

    Learn More
  14. Cadmium Red Deep Pigment

    Cadmium Red Deep Pigment

    Starting at: £10.10


    Cadmium Red Deep is a synthetic organic pigment, which has been in use since the 1920s, effectively replacing vermilion. It is formed by heating cadmium sulphide and selenium, the hue is determined by the level of calcination and proportion of selenium. It is very opaque, and lightfast, with a high tinting strength. It absorbs a small amount of oil, and dries very slowly to form a hard, flexible paint film.

    Larger quantities are available by request.  


    Toxicity: C

    Learn More
  15. Roberson Metallic Oil Sticks

    Roberson Metallic Oil Sticks

    Starting at: £16.40

    Artists' quality metallic oil paint sticks for painting & drawing. Non-tarnishing and highly pigmented, these soft paint sticks are made with an unique mix of mica pigments, oils and waxes which generate a solid metal effect. Easy to use alongside regular oil paint. Blend and shade the colours together to make further shades. Treat as oil paint for surface preparation and clean-up. Learn More
  16. Clairefontaine Oil Paper

    Clairefontaine Oil Paper

    Starting at: £3.76

    360GSM, 50cm x 65cm / 19.5" x 25.5", 10 Sheets, Acid free, Subtle Linen Texture. Learn More
  17. Korns Rubbing Ink

    Korns Rubbing Ink

    Starting at: £22.99

    For creating textural and tonal effects. Learn More
  18. Schmincke Medium W

    Schmincke Medium W

    Starting at: £9.60

    Schmincke Medium W is an odourless, jelly-like ("lean") medium for mixing oil colours with water instead of organic solvents such as turpentine or turpentine substitute. It increases gloss and transparency, reduces viscosity and harmonizes the drying process.

    Dosage: 50%

    Thinner: Water

    Learn More
  19. Schmincke Aerocolour Inks

    Schmincke Aerocolour Inks

    Starting at: £8.30

    A highly concentrated acrylic pigmented colour suitable for drawing pens, calligraphy, brush and airbrush techniques. 36 standard colours and 12 'special effects' colours. Lightfast and waterproof when dry. Glass Jar with dropper. Learn More
  20. Michael Harding Non Absorbent Acrylic Primer - Colours

    Michael Harding Non Absorbent Acrylic Primer - Colours

    Starting at: £21.20

    Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer (NAAP) is a versatile product suitable for application on various surfaces, including linen, wood, MDF, and more. It is designed to create a robust, flexible, permanent, and intensely pigmented ground, making it an excellent choice for both acrylic and oil paints. Important Application Guidelines: Support Selection: NAAP should not be applied over surfaces treated with rabbit skin/hide glue or on unsound, flimsy supports such as cardboard. Opt for stable substrates to ensure the primer’s effectiveness. Not a Gesso: Please note that NAAP is a primer, not a gesso. As such, there is no need for additional gessoes, sizes, or other ancillary products when using NAAP. DIRECTIONS: Coat Application: Apply a minimum of two coats of NAAP to your chosen support, ensuring liberal coverage for optimal results. Dilution for Flow: If you desire increased flow, dilute NAAP with a mixture of 1 part water to 4 parts NAAP. This adjustment allows for customization based on your artistic preferences. Second Coat Application: Apply the second coat once the first coat is touch dry, typically after approximately 1 hour. This step contributes to the creation of a well-prepared painting surface. Additional Considerations: Suitable Supports: Do not use Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer on flimsy or unsound supports. It is crucial to choose a stable and well-prepared surface for priming to ensure the longevity and integrity of your artwork. Canvas Weave Consideration: Avoid using this primer on canvases with a wide weave. The non-absorbent nature of the primer may not be suitable for canvases with a loose or open structure, compromising its effectiveness. Transparency Check: Before application, inspect your canvas material by holding it up to the light. If you can see light passing through the wefts (threads) of the canvas, it is not recommended to use Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer. Opt for a more appropriate primer based on the transparency of your canvas. Learn More
  21. Italic Parchment Calligraphy Paper

    Italic Parchment Calligraphy Paper

    Starting at: £2.10

    50cm x 70cm / 27.5" x 19.5", Calligraphy Paper, Acid Free, Cloud Effect, Smooth Surface, 25 Sheets. Learn More
  22. Schmincke AQUA Modeling Paste Medium

    Schmincke AQUA Modeling Paste Medium

    Starting at: £11.40

    Allows 3-D and structural effects. Apply with palette knife. Fine or Coarse texture. Learn More
  23. Winsor & Newton Aquapasto Medium

    Winsor & Newton Aquapasto Medium

    Starting at: £17.10

    Gum Arabic/silica. Translucent jelly mixable with water. Gives impasto effect with water based colours. Learn More

  24. Cornelissen Historical Inks, Purple Carmine Ink 30ml

    Cornelissen Historical Inks, Purple Carmine Ink 30ml


    Purple Carmine is a beautiful, transparent, blue-purple ink, which can be layered up for deeper shades. This colour can create some interesting effects; when diluted, the purple splits into two colours, a red and blue. Due to the use of cochineal in our formula, this ink is not fully lightfast or vegan.

    Not suitable for fountain pens. Learn More
  25. London Pigment, Purple Cochineal Ink

    London Pigment, Purple Cochineal Ink


    This handmade ink from London Pigment is made using cochineal from Mexico, which has been treated with an alkali to give a more purple hue. The mixture of pigment and dye produces a granulating effect. The bottle should be shaken gently before use. Prepared by hand and bottled in a 20 ml glass vial with hand finished wax seal and label. Learn More

  26. Lefranc Harlem Duroziez Drying Medium

    Lefranc Harlem Duroziez Drying Medium

    Starting at: £9.10

    Lefranc Bourgeois are a paint manufacturer with a long history of supplying to artists since their beginnings in 1720.

    From their website: The Harlem Duroziez drying medium increases the brilliance and transparency of glazes. It enables the build-up of layers over the course of half a day thanks to the rapid drying effect of thin layers. It is completely dry within three days.

    Learn More
  27. Cornelissen Historical Inks,  Sir Isaac Newton Ink 30ml

    Cornelissen Historical Inks, Sir Isaac Newton Ink 30ml


    Formulated to the exact recipe used by Isaac Newton, this ink is completely permanant, as his surving writings attest. Although composed of very similar ingredients to our Jane Austen Ink, we consider Newton's recipe to be superior, as Austen's has browned slightly over time. Initially a medium blue-grey, it darkens to a rich, matte back, which is slightly warmer in tone than our regular Oak Gall Ink. It is made in small batches and blended to give the required consistency and strength, and is fully waterproof in 5-7 days. Permanent and lightfast, it has been steeped for several weeks and left to ‘mature’ for several more in the bottle. When used on animal skins such as vellum, the acids in the Oak Gall Ink react with collagen, effectively ‘etching’ itself into the surface, hence its permanence. 

    Not suitable for fountain pens. Learn More
  28. Roberson Impasto Medium

    Roberson Impasto Medium

    Starting at: £16.50

    Roberson Impasto medium is a crack-resistant medium for impasto effects. It retains palette knife and brush strokes, giving the paint sharp, defined edges. It remains thick and doubles paint easily, drying to a matte finish. To retain colour strength, mix one part medium to one part oil colour.

    Contains: Stand Oil, Damar Resin, Turpentine, Bleached Beeswax.

    Learn More
  29. Natural Beeswax

    Natural Beeswax

    Starting at: £11.20

    Beeswax is derived from melted honeycomb, and is available in two grades. Bleached Beeswax Pellets are white, having been bleached by the sun, and are an appropriate choice for using with pale colours, although they may revert to yellow over time. Natural Beeswax Pellets are yellow in colour, and offer a more flexible structure with a higher resin content. Beeswax has a melting point of 63-66°c, and may turn brown if over-heated. It is the most widely used wax in artists' materials, having a wide range of applications. Please see below for more details.


    Learn More
  30. Irregular Roulette

    Irregular Roulette


    Roulette Angle Shaft Irregular Dot. Irregular roulette produces pebble effect. Learn More

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