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Solvents and Balsams

Solvents and specialist balsams are used for thinning oil paint and in the formulation of various painting mediums.

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  1. Cornelissen Canada Balsam

    Cornelissen Canada Balsam

    Starting at: £20.10

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    Oleoresin from balsam fir tree. Superior to Venice Turps in recipes, where clarity and rapid drying are important. Learn More
  2. Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner

    Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner

    Starting at: £3.85

    Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner Learn More
  3. Roberson Studio Safe Solvent

    Roberson Studio Safe Solvent

    Starting at: £9.40

    Roberson Studio Safe Solvent can be used for brush cleaning and the thinning of paint as an alternative to turpentine and white spirit, it has an orange fragrance. Learn More
  4. Schmincke Medium W

    Schmincke Medium W

    Starting at: £7.95

    Schmincke Medium W Learn More
  5. Gamblin Gamsol Mineral Sprit

    Gamblin Gamsol Mineral Sprit

    Starting at: £7.50

    Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows oil painters to utilize all traditional painting techniques without compromise. Learn More
  6. Michael Harding Oil Paint Medium

    Michael Harding Oil Paint Medium

    Starting at: £7.00

    Oil paint medium is a basic paint medium designed to ease flow and increase gloss, transparency, depth and beauty of the pigment colour. This medium is a linseed stand oil, turpentine, formulation that prevents yellowing of paint film. Learn More
  7. Lefranc Essential Oil of Petroleum 75 ml

    Lefranc Essential Oil of Petroleum 75 ml


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    Ideal for making oil paints, mediums and varnishes more fluid, and for cleaning painting equipment. It also removes stains. Learn More
  8. Winsor & Newton Sansodor

    Winsor & Newton Sansodor

    Starting at: £5.65

    Low odour dilutant alternative to turpentine. Slow drying. Low flammability. Learn More
  9. Cornelissen Copaiba Balsam

    Cornelissen Copaiba Balsam

    Starting at: £12.40

    South American origin. Viscous liquid may be diluted with turpentine. Used to restore and revive varnish and brittle paint layers. Learn More
  10. Cornelissen Larch Venice Turpentine

    Cornelissen Larch Venice Turpentine

    Starting at: £18.00

    A slow drying thixotropic balsam for use in mediums and varnishes. Pure resin from the Austrian Larch tree purified and slightly heated when decanted. Dilute with turpentine or place in warm water bath to obtain fluid consistency. Learn More
  11. Roberson Oil of Spike

    Roberson Oil of Spike

    Starting at: £18.50

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    Similar properties to turps but slower rate of evaporation. Improves levelling quality of brush marks. Pleasant odour. Learn More
  12. Cornelissen Rectified Turpentine

    Cornelissen Rectified Turpentine

    Starting at: £9.00

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    Volatile colourless liquid distilled from pine sap. Greater wetting powers than white spirit. Used to thin oil paint. Learn More
  13. Roberson Pure Gum Turpentine

    Roberson Pure Gum Turpentine

    Starting at: £10.50

    Slightly less refined than rectified spirit of turpentine. Often preferred as constituent of painting mediums. Learn More
  14. Roberson White Spirit

    Roberson White Spirit

    Starting at: £5.30

    Plastic container. Solvent distilled from crude petroleum oils. Used to thin colour and to clean brushes. Slower drying time than turpentine. Learn More
  15. Roberson Methylated Spirit

    Roberson Methylated Spirit

    Starting at: £4.50

    Solvent for shellac flakes. Learn More
  16. Cornelissen Lemon Oil

    Cornelissen Lemon Oil

    Starting at: £12.30

    Odourant in bottle. Learn More
  17. Zest-it Turpentine Substitute

    Zest-it Turpentine Substitute

    Starting at: £7.00

    Specially formulated non-toxic alternative to conventional thinners. Can be used as a substitute for turpentine. Ideal for asthmatics and those allergic to normal thinners. Reduces lingering smell normally generated by oil painting, has a citrus fragrance. Learn More
  18. Lefranc Petroleum Mineral Spirit

    Lefranc Petroleum Mineral Spirit

    Starting at: £33.00

    Virtually odourless thinner that evaporates comletely. Learn More
  19. Lefranc Oil of Spike

    Lefranc Oil of Spike

    Starting at: £18.10

    Lefranc Oil of Spike Learn More
  20. Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine

    Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine

    Starting at: £5.65

    Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine Learn More

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